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We provide services in the following focus areas:

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Business Development & Partnership

Improve your business value by reaching your goals. Through immersion and alignment with you and your company; we research, initiate, create, establish connections and drive feasible and compatible opportunities.

  • Partnership: We externally represent you to a host of applicable companies and media. We negotiate with and for you to obtain your best case scenario. We don’t just consult, we dive in and align with you to increase your performance and satisfaction, seek and find compatibilities and create win-win.
  • Development: We strategically plan, design and execute business endeavors through performance and needs analysis; be it optimization through streamlining procedures, processes and policies for consistency & efficiency and/or add value through competitive benchmark and best practices.

Talent Management & Leadership Development

Leadership behavior is one of the critical elements that research shows are utmost important in retaining high performers and determining an organization’s decision effectiveness and thus its performance.

  • Talent management: We develop and/or utilize your HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. From competency development, onboarding, mentor programs to succession planning. We commit to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic & operational goals and objectives by utilizing your Human Capital potential. We are certified Strategic Workforce Planners to obtain optimization in your workforce capabilities through gap analysis, talent assessment & acquisition strategies.
  • Leadership development: Areas we asses to improve pertain to; leaderships styles, self-awareness; mindset & attitude, 360C feedback, manage self and others, accountability & responsibility, actively & visibly engagement of your people, strategic alignment, collaborate-build-trust and find commonality for growth. Our core drivers for individual development are based upon assessments and a combination of your Potential and Passion.

Organizational Development & Systems Design

Through a variety of tools, such as Performance & Needs analysis and Culture Assessments, we identify challenges and capacity strengths to develop a High Performance Culture and pursue Continuous Business Improvement in our service areas of:

  • Organization Design and Development: Organizational assessment readiness for restructuring; e.g. ERP / Six Sigma implementations, M&A, post integration.
  • Human Capital Management and Human Resources Business partnering.
  • Learning and Performance; Training design & development and facilitation based on ADDIE principles and experiential learning.
  • Team performance & Effectiveness: blending & alignment, SWOT analysis.
  • Performance Management systems.
  • Cross Cultural effectiveness and awareness’s.
  • Change management processes, e.g. critical roles & responsibilities definement and decision processes.


Self Evaluations


Good Ideas


Areas of Untapped Potential


High Fives Throughout the Process

Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work (Harvard Business Review):


Strong Leadership breeds employee engagement and affiliation such that a 5% increase in Customer Loyalty drives Profit by 25%.
Thoughtful organizational development strategies lead to a more productive and engaged workforce, a more loyal customer base, and higher shareholders returns.

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